Substituição da Bateria 90V7W JD25G JHXPY RWT1R Para Dell XPS 13 9350 9343 13D-9343 XPS13D-9343-5608T Autêntica Bateria de 56Wh

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This product is ensured that it is purchased from the manufacturers accessories sales channels , absolutely 100% genuine original.Product attributes: 100% Original Genuine Battery Type: 90V7W Replace Part Number: 0DRRP, 0N7T6, 5K9CP, 90V7W, DIN02, JD25G, JHXPY, RWT1R Battery capacity: 56Wh Voltage limit: 7.6V Compatible with: For Dell XPS 13 9350 9343 13D-9343 Compatible Notebooks: For Dell XPS 13 laptop 13, 13 9343, 13 9350, 13-9343, 13-9350, 13-9350-D1508, 13-9350-D1508G, 13-9350- D1608, 13-9350-D1608T, 13-9350-D1609, 13-9350-D1708, 13-9350-D1708A, 13-9350- D1708G, 13-9350-D1808T, 13-9350-D1808TG, 13-9350-D2508, 13-9350-D2608T, 13-9350- D2708, 13-9350-D2708A, 13-9350-D2808T,13-9350-D2808TG, 13-9350-D3608G, 13-9350- D3708, 13-9350-D3708G, 13-9350-D3808T, 13-9350-D3808TG, 13-9350-D4505, 13-9350- D4508, 13-9350-D4708, 13-9350-D4708G, 13D-9343, 13D-9343-150, 13D-9343-1508, 13D- 9343-160, 13D-9343-1608T, 13D-9343-170, 13D-9343-1708, 13D-9343-180, 13D-9343- 1808T, 13D-9343-350, 13D-9343-3508, 13D-9343-370, 13D-9343-3708, 13D-9343-3708A, 13D-9343-5508, 13D-9343-5708, XPS13D-9343-1508, XPS13D-9343-1608T, XPS13D-9343- 1708, XPS13D-9343-1808T, XPS13D-9343-3508, XPS13D-9343-3708, XPS13D-9343-3708A, XPS13D-9343-5508, XPS13D-9343-5508G, XPS13D-9343-5608T, XPS13D-9343-5708, XPS13D- 9343-5808T Battery Country of Origin: China Packing specification: bulk package (bubble envelope bag) Important: New Lithium Ion batteries must be FULLY CHARGED and FULLY DISCHARGED 2 to 3 times, before being FULLY CONDITIONED.Please remember that a new Lithium-Ion battery's full performance and longevity is only achieved after 2 to 3 complete charge and discharge cycles.After you go through 2 to 3 cycles, you'll never have to condition your battery again!All talk and standby times are approximate, depending upon carrier's network settings, signal strength, and features selected.Talk and Standby times will be lower in Analog mode as noted above.

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Certificação De Qualidade ce
Capacidade da bateria(mAh) 0-1300mAh
Número Do Modelo 90V7W
Origem CN(Origem)

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